the way torm does business


TORM was the first Danish shipping company to sign the United Nations Global Compact in 2009, and TORM continues to support the 10 principles.

Because of TORM’s commitment to integrate responsibility in all business practices, a revised set of Business Principles has been introduced. The Business Principles ensure alignment between our values, as outlined in the TORM Leadership Philosophy, and the Policies that ensure appropriate behavior, which cannot be deviated from. This relationship applies to Policies within all operations, including those related to CSR. 


  • Comply with statutory rules and regulations in order to ensure that all employees are able to execute their work under safe, healthy and proper working conditions
  • Eliminate all known risks that may result in accidents, injuries, illness, damage to property or to the environment
  • Integrate sustainability into our business operations
  • Avoid any form of corruption and bribery
  • Make our CSR performance transparent to stakeholders

TORM’s CSR Policies are guided by the Business Principles. These ensure that TORM is in compliance with legislation and live up to our commitment to responsible business practices. As there is a trend in increasing demand for responsible practices from customers, this also makes economic sense.

TORM’S business principles

 Maintaining a good work place

  • We are committed to providing a safe and secure working environment
  • We maintain an open work culture in which people can raise concerns and ask for advice
  • We encourage and support professional development for our employees
  • We expect honest use of time, funds and property from our employees

 Reducing environmental impact

  • We protect the environment by exercising constant care in our operations
  • We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance

 Respecting employees

  • We enforce a work environment free of harassment and discrimination
  • We offer equal opportunities for our employees
  • We respect employees' right to privacy
  • We respect the right to associate freely, to join – or not join – unions and to bargain collectively

 Doing business responsibly

  • We make sure all employees have knowledge and understanding of relevant laws and regulations
  • We do not accept corrupt business practices
  • We are committed to promoting responsible business practices in our supply chain
  • We want to be an asset to the communities where we are located

  Ensuring transparency and fairness

  • We pursue an open-minded dialogue with our stakeholders
  • We report to our stakeholders in a transparent way
  • We pay special attention to the antitrust laws in all countries we operate in
  • We expect employees to protect the confidentiality of TORM information
  • We expect employees to stay free of conflict of interest in relation to TORM

TORM's leadership philosophy

TORM’s Leadership Philosophy outlines the values that drive our Performance, Relations and Personal Leadership. It is the people that, through everyday work, demonstrate the values of TORM.

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