torm marianne governance


TORM's Senior Management Team serves as the CSR Board and has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring adherence to our CSR policies on all levels within the organization. 

The operational responsibility for our policies on Health, Safety, Security and Environment has been designated to the Safety, Quality and Environmental (SQE) Department under TORM’s Technical Division. Apart from maintaining and developing our Safety and Quality Management System (QMS), the Technical Division is responsible for training of seafarers on board, developing procedures and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations through auditing vessels and reporting performance.

Audit results are part of the CSR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) evaluated by the Senior Management Team on a frequent basis.

Strong CSR performance is strategically important to TORM. Hence, a position with CSR responsibility is placed in the corporate support team to spot strategic opportunities and risks related to CSR, to ensure compliance with CSR policies and to facilitate the integration of responsible behavior in the organization.

Our Safety and Quality Management System is certified according to the International Safety Management Code (ISM) and the ISO 14001 standard on environmental management.